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Ortolani Adelino

Automatic cutting, punching and paneling plant

Ortolani Adelino Srl carries out mass production using highly technological machines. In the last two years, considerable investments have been made to guarantee competitiveness and quality of the works performed. Ortolani Adelino Srl has introduced in its fleet a fully automated system consisting of a combined Fiber laser / punching machine complete with an automatic loading / unloading and stacking robot, in line with a panel bender, both interfaced with a state-of-the-art automatic storage system generation of 60 meters length and 7 meters height, all in one solution. The whole system is connected with ERP and with the company departments involved in the production flow.

Combined Fiber laser / punching machine

The combined punching and laser cutting technology represents the perfect union of speed, flexibility and productivity, allowing complex machining to be carried out in a short time, for standard items or products that require the quality of laser cutting in the presence of deformations (jails, vents, flares, edges, ribs and more).

The working field of the system is 4300×1500 with a laser power of 4000 watts which ensures precision in detail and production speed.

The loading and unloading device combined with the automatic warehouse allows us to guarantee both production on unmanned shifts and greater flexibility and productivity. The commissioning of this system can eliminate most of the recovery processes which, in the past, were carried out following laser cutting. Furthermore, it allowed us to guarantee greater quality and repeatability in large batches and to optimize the lead-time of the production process.

Combined punching tool warehouse

An assorted tool warehouse allows you to carry out complete punching, threading and drawing operations which is continuously enriched according to production needs.

The materials we can work with are:

Maximum dimensions and axis stroke
Sheet Max. dimension
4300 x 1565 with repositioning
Sheet Max. weight
250 Kg
Strength and characteristics of the turret in punching
Punching force
30 Ton
20 stations, multi tools with stationary and rotating tool
Deformation with 20 Ton.
Upwards 17 mm
Downwards for some processes to be evaluated in the offer phase
Tool Max. dimension
Circumscribed tool diameter up to 114.3mm diameter
Conceivable processes
Forming taps
M3 – M4 – M5 – M6 – M8
Extrusion to increase the useful thread
Conceivable both upwards and downwards
Flaring for material compression
The flaring is shiny and perfectly circular
Upwards only
Brush on the turret
At the request to eliminate scratches under the sheet
Laser source
Prima Power source
4 Kw.
Type of Source
Workable materials
Stainless steel, Iron, Aluminium, Brass, Copper
Unloading extraction systems
Hatch 1 (Laser cut contoured pieces)
Dimension 800 x 800
Hatch 2 (Laser cut contoured pieces)
Dimension 300 x 400
Hatch 3 (Pieces contoured by punching)
Dimension 500 x 500
Sorting into 800 x 1200 H 200 boxes
Plant integration
Loading and stacking robot (LSR)
Automatic sheet metal loading, unloading and stacking of cut pieces using suction cups on euro pallets

Panel bender

Technical features
Maximum bending length
2750 mm
Sheet length
min. 350 mm / max. 2850 mm
Sheet width
min. 180 mm / max. 1500 mm
Maximum panel diagonal
3000 mm
Minimum bending length
350 mm
Maximum re-entering bend
55 mm
Maximum folding height
204 mm
Minimum external radius
1,5 ÷ twice the thickness of the sheet metal
Bend angle
± 130"
Maximum thickness
- steel UTS 410 N/mmq
- stainless steel UTS 680 N/mmq
- aluminium UTS 265 N/mmq
3,2 mm
2,2 mm
4,0 mm
Minimum thickness
0,5 mm

The automatic paneling plant, which has a 2750 mm blade, is a real high-performance bending center with the possibility of creating various geometries without the use of special shaped tools.

Thanks to its numerical control and the radius system, it is able to create folds with a high radius without leaving a mark on the surface.

The bending process combined with the sheet metal handling system guarantees productivity and versatility through automatic bending and handling cycles.

Pannellatrice piega postiva

Positive fold (upwards)

Pannellatrice piega negativa

Negative fold (downwards)

Automatic warehouse

Night Train FMS

Automatic warehouse for sheets, cut pieces and carefully divided leftover frames. Composed of 20 towers with a maximum capacity of 300 pallets of 4300 x 1500 with 3 tons. of scope each. The warehouse carries and receives directly on the machine from the Loading and stacking robot (LSR)