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Automatic deburring

The advantages offered by an automatic deburring plant is the certainty of a product with no sharp edge at all, regardless of the type of cut, whether by laser or shearing.
This process can be performed on both sides of a flat piece, without any constraint of shape and/or geometry.
Pieces up to a width of 1600 mm can be processed, while there are no limits on length. The minimum thickness for deburring is 8/10. There are a variety of industries in which this processing may be required, for example, in the textile industry it can be used to prevent the fabrics from being damaged, or for machinery in the pharmaceutical industry, or for processing paper and printing works, in the food industry and in packaging machines.

Model Usage Field of application mm
1-head finisher + circular brushes
Metal sheets
Larghezza utile 1600
Circular finisher
Metal sheets
Useful width 1600
Sbavatura Automatica