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Particular care and attention is given to finishing STAINLESS STEEL products.
The following is done either manually or automatically:

  • Satin finish (with various grains on request) and Scotch Brite brushings on sheet metal products, from 5/10 to 150/10 and on square and rectangular tubes.
  • Polishing up to a thickness of 100/10 and tumble finishing on small and medium-sized parts.

The welding on stainless steel is treated with a chemical process that aesthetically and structurally restores the stainless aspect.

Model Usage Field of application
3-head frosting machine + SB roller
Sheets + plates + square and rectangular pipes
Useful width 1250
Useful height 120
Satinising 1 head
Metal sheet
Useful width 1600
Circular Satinising machine
Curved bars and pipes
from Ø 10 to Ø 120
Circular Satinising machine
Curved pipes
from Ø 10 to Ø 45
Tumbling machines
Small little stainless pieces
Bath Ø 1500
Peening machine with ceramic micro-balls
Stainless steel articles
800 x 600 x 700

The shot peening differs from the classic sandblasting system as it works more on the plasticity of the material rather than on the abrasion and produces a smooth, uniform surface. In particular, the use of ceramic powder is compatible with the food industry.