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Ortolani Adelino

Stainless steel structures

For the stainless steel carpentry sector, we produce solutions for various areas, including wine and bottling, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial ovens, heating and machinery for various needs.

Our strength in carpentry is given by the means, including the numerical control lathe and the machining center which, in addition to focusing on precision and repeatability of the result, give ever greater contents to the assembly phases, guaranteeing punctual deliveries and a systemic cost reduction.

For the steel structure sector, we produce stainless steel frames for machines, conveyor belts, protective casings, collection tanks, chutes and components in general. To meet our customers’ requirements, even the most demanding ones, we offer Fe 510, Domex, Hardox, Chronos as materials available in stock, or other materials on request.

For tanks or other specific items where the use of stainless steel is necessary, we have different qualities of Aisi, the most used being Aisi 304 and Aisi 316 from a thickness of 0.5 mm up to 15 mm.