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Ortolani Adelino


There are 10 MIG and TIG stations for welding, complete with thick, milled and equipped counters. Each station is equipped with jib cranes or bridge cranes for the handling and construction of medium-light precision fabrication.

The staff is trained in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9606-1 and UNI EN ISO 9606-2 and the company holds welding procedure qualifications in compliance with UNI EN ISO 15614-1.

Upon a customer’s request the range in stainless steel can be assembled accurately with special equipment welded of studs and fastons or the complete series of studs, nuts and pressure towers from M3 to M12.

Pre production with CND controls VT and MT method with UNI EN ISO 9712 second level operator. Identification of the section area and execution of the Macrography.